Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an effective online marketing technique, which uses various social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, VKontakte, Internet forums, weblogs and other Internet resources to promote a business.


"An intelligent use of social media contributes significantly to the overall success of a company, its brands, products and services. For everyday business, and especially for brand communications, social media is already seen as essential."

Curt Simon Harlinghausen


Social media are now mainstream, an easily accessible platform serving as a relatively inexpensive way to implement marketing campaigns.

Nowadays, social media is the first place people go to connect with friends, gather and share information, ask questions, provide answers, give recommendation, share their opinions, insights and experiences ,share videos, share photos, plan events, etc.

Every company should use various social media networks, customer reviews and other channels to connect directly with customers and learn their views on brands, products or services.

More and more B2B companies recognize the potential benefits of social media marketing:


· Connect with potential customers to boost revenues;

· Promote your products and/or services directly with consumers;

· Gain insight in consumer behavior & market trends;

· Attract more customers;

· Improve communication with target groups;

· Expand your online network and accessibility;

· Increase links to your web site;

· Create brand awareness and visibility;

· Monitor your brand’s reputation;

· Respond to negative feedback in real time;

· Enhance reputation management;

· Humanize your brand;

· Develop brand loyalty;

· Design better products and services;

· Improve customer service;

· Increase sales opportunities;

· Build fan loyalty , etc.


Unique and integrated SMM campaigns require time, patience, consistency, knowledge and experience of professionals.


Agency Lekatek can help you and offers:


Promotion of your products/services by using various social media platforms;

Development and implementation of a social media strategy

· long-term presence in social media - establish your presence in relevant social media and keep it by blogging, creating content, posting and interacting

· short-term social media campaigns- promotions through one or more relevant social networking channels

Social media monitoring and analysis

Social media competitive analysis


We have an individual approach for every customer.

Our result-oriented social media strategy and social media marketing plans are targeted and based on your business objectives.

We advise companies planning to connect to target groups in the Baltics, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine on how to promote their brands, products and services in local social networks and blogs. Benefit from a social media marketing strategy and reach more potential customers, business partners to boost your business.


Contact us to find the best solution for you!


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