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Marketing agency Lekatek OU provides marketing, consulting and information services.


We offer a variety of services in marketing, advertising, and promotion of products and services in foreign markets.



Well-designed, qualitative and professionally trained corporate advertising and promotional materials is always the key to the success of any business and advertising campaigns.

In preparation for advertising campaigns marketing agency Lekatek with its partners and contractors offer to Clients services to create promotional materials.

Lekatek coordinates all the work, and it allows Clients to avoid having to run around between different firms – saving time.


Agency Lekatek offers the following services:

Create advertising modules for placement in the media

Development and design of printed materials

° Booklets

° Brochures

° Catalogues

° Leaflets

° Information bulletins

° Newsletters

° Placards

° Fliers

° Invitations

° Other information and promotion materials

Development and design of advertisements on the Internet

° Ads banners

° Presentations

° Creation and design of newsletters for distribution by E-mail


Since we have wide work experience in real businesses, our service differs from the services of ordinary designers and editors.

We create promotional materials with wording and visual special effects aimed at achieving our Clients goal and objectives.

All we need is the Client's requirements for the general visual appearance and its goal and objectives.


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