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Mаrketing strаtegy is a process thаt cаn аllow an orgаnization to concentrаte its limited resources on the greаtest opportunities to increаse sales аnd аchieve a sustаinable competitive аdvantаge.



Foreign, small and medium business companies, which want to enter into new foreign markets in countries such as the Baltic states, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus often face several difficulties and obstacles:

• Absence of reliable and understandable information on a specific market (volume, structure, main competitors, trends, distribution channels, prices, presence of profitable target audience etc);

• Lack of knowledge of market regulation, business customs etc in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus;

• Language and mentality difficulties;

• How to find a reliable partner;

• Which is the most efficient model of market entry: independent entry or partnership, exporting or local production;

• Etc.


On the basis of our knowledge of the Baltic states, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus business and our wide network of contacts in different areas, we help foreign companies to enter these markets and succeed.


We analyze domestic/international markets and competitors. Tell us your strategic needs and we develop tailor-made strategies to identify and penetrate new markets.

This is especially useful for small and medium businesses with saturated local markets. They can grow by penetrating foreign markets and reaching out to new customers.


The development of a strategy starts with a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of the Client's company, its products/services and comprehensive analysis of the potential foreign market:

Strategy starts - Analysis of market structure;

- Analysis of competitive environment and competitors (direct competitors, their products, services, prices, channels of distribution etc).Identification of indirect or potential competitors;

- Analysis of consumers (who potential customers are, what they buy, when they buy, from whom and through whom do they buy, etc);

- Market assessment, segmentation and niche identification;

- All other additional necessary studies, depending on each case.


Next step:

· Identification of target audience;

· Creation of a unique selling proposition and positioning;

· Choice of an optimal method and places of promotion;

· Market entry strategy development: product, pricing, distribution, promotion;

A marketing strategy defines goals and describes the way how you can satisfy the target customers in your chosen markets most effectively.

· Tactical and operative programs of actions for the implementation of the adopted strategy;

· Monitoring of the strategy's implementation.


Implementation of strategy The best marketing strategy is not going to help if you cannot implement it.

Lekatek pays a lot of attention to strategy support and efficient implementation to get real results.

We rely on our comprehensive business experience in industrial, consumer and tourist markets, while we may also involve experts who are business owners.


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