Industrial Exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions and events in Russian Federation January –June 2012

The 17th annual CIS Metals

Summit 14th - 16th February 2012 in Moscow

ISET / Interinstrument - The 10-th International specialized Exhibition of professional and household tools of all types

15 - 17 March 2011, EcoCentre Sokolniki, Moscow


Main sections of the exhibition:


1. Sets of tools and accessories for different industries and household.

2. Tools and devices for hot working.

3. Tools for cold pressure treatment.

4. Tools for cutting treatment:

• Metal-cutting tools: cutters, form cutters, broaches, screw drills, shell counter borers, tap borers, die-heads, etc.

• Woodworking machine tools: turning, planing, milling, sanding, etc.

• Stoneworking machine tools and etc.

5. Tools for manual works:

• Bench-work and fastening tools.

• Dynamometric tools.

• Power-actuated tools:




with internal combustion engine, etc.

6. Abrasive, hard-alloy and diamond tools and abrasive materials: diamond wheels, grinding bands, diamond needle files, etc.

7. Devices and auxiliary tools:

• universal tooling, pallets;

• vice, rotary tables, tool carriers and screw devices.

8. Tool materials.

9. Coolants

10. Special tools for:

• Construction.

• Painting and coating.

• Car repair works. • Medicine.

• Lumber complex.

• Stoneworking.

• Glass, ceramics and plastic treatment.

11. Equipment:

• For welding works: electric, gas, plasma, laser.

• Compressor: with electric motor drive, with combustion engine drive.

• Equipment for air preparation.

• Equipment and technologies for tools’ manufacturing and renovation.

• Installations and devices for application of decorative coating and painting.

12. Small-size equipment and machinery for park design and garden works

• Grass and bush cutters, lopping shears, clippers, pruning scissors, shredders, rippers, hoes, rakes, etc.

13. Equipment and component parts for drain, irrigation and cleaning

• Water pumps, aerators, sprayers, high-pressure cleaners, etc.

14. Special gear and individual protection facilities

15. Packaging and equipment for tools’ storage:

• Stationary, mobile 16. Standardization and quality control systems

17. Certification of tools and equipment, certification systems and schemes

FASTTEC - The 10th International Trade Exhibition of fasteners

March, 13-15, 2012,EcoCentre Sokolniki, Moscow


The 10th International Trade exhibition of machinery, materials, component parts and technologies for the production of demountable and nondemountable fasteners and fastener elements.

Exhibition Profile:

1) Industrial fasteners and fixings (screws, self-tapping/thread forming screws, bolts, socket head products, nuts, studs and threaded rod, washers and pressed parts, blind fasteners (rivets, rivet nuts, cage nuts), locking devices and seals, pins and key, springs, clamps and rings, hot/cold forged fasteners and parts, stainless steel fasteners, non-ferrous fasteners (brass, titanium, aluminum, copper), plastic and nylon fasteners, fastener assemblies and combinations, self-piercing/clinching fastener systems, collated industrial fasteners, security industrial fasteners, knobs/handles/finger turn fasteners, U-bolts, hook or eye products, non-metric fasteners, nails, staples and brads, special/to drawing fasteners, turned/machined parts, adhesives and tapes, other industrial fasteners and fixings)

2) Construction Fixings (concrete anchors, mechanical, chemical anchors and resins, light duty anchors and fixings, concrete screws, façade and insulation fixings, interior fixings, wall plugs, drywall fixings and systems, wood/chipboard/decking screws, window screws/frame anchors, sanitary and plumbing fixings, nails, pins and staples, structural steel fasteners, self-drilling/tapping screws, security fasteners for buildings, stainless steel fixings, threaded rods and suspension fixings, roofing and solar installation fixings, hardware/DIY prepacks and assortments, brackets and connectors, other construction fasteners and fixings)

3) Assembly and Installation systems (automated fastener/assembly systems, feeding/discharging equipment, presses and insertion tools/equipment, riveting tools, equipment and systems, drivers and screw insertion systems, welding/soldering equipment, bonding and adhesive systems, assembly jigs and rigs, hand tools, clinching/self-piercing systems, nailing/stapling tools and systems, collated fastener systems, power tools, other assembly tools and equipment)

4) Storage, distribution, factory equipment

5) Information, communication and services, research/development, technical/business consultants, training and education, associations, publishers

11th International specialized exhibition for cables, wires, fastening hardware, and installation technologies

March 13-16, 2012,Hall 4, EcoCentre Sokolniki, Moscow, Russia Global forum for cable industry


Products on display:


Power cables for stationary installation (low, medium and high voltage)

Oil extraction cables

Management cables

Control cables

Alarming and blocking cables

Communication cables

Cables with mineral insulation

Cables of special application

Fiber-optic cables

Fire-safety cables of different application

Radiation-resistant cables Heating cables


Wires for overhead transmission lines

Power wires Communication wires

Wires of special application

Litzendraht wires Low-voltage wires


Joints and terminations for cable lines

Transition joints

Cable hull fittings for transformers and switchboards

Connectors for fiber-optic componentry

Connectors and terminals for local networks Heat-shrinkable tubes

Componentry and fittings for cable lines installation


Cable processing equipment

Fan-out cable equipment Equipment, tools and devices for assembling of cable & wire products

Equipment, tools and devices for cable lines installation

Switch equipment


Control devices for cable and wire assembling

Control devices for cable lines installation

Means and methods for cable and wire testing

St. Petersburg Technical Fair – 2012



St. Petersburg Technical Fair is a leading exhibition and congress event of Russia in the field of metallurgy, machine building, metalworking and industrial innovations.

Fair objectives:

Facilitate development of the domestic science intensive industry Market products of the technology intensive complex Attract investments in the innovation field.

Machine Building. Metalworking. Welding. Metallurgy – 2012

27.03.2012-30.03.2012, Novosibirsk

International Specialized Industrial Exhibition of Metal Goods, Machines, Equipment, Machinetools, Tools and Technologies for Metal Treatment. Welding, Welding Equipment, Materials.


April 10-12 2012, Ecocentre Sokolniki, Moscow


The exhibition key target is to display unique advances in vacuum equipment, materials and technologies, assist in promotion to the market; establish business contacts, attract investment and assist in formation and implementation of national and regional programs in the field of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies.

The business program includes symposiums, conferences, presentations and round table discussions on application of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies in various industries, industry state overview and development prospects.

Exhibition sections:

Vacuum equipment and technologies in metallurgy

Cryovacuum equipment

Vacuum equipment and technologies in nanotechnologies and nanomaterials

Vacuum production means

Vacuum equipment components

Vacuum measurement devices

Leak testers and minor gas flow measurement

Vacuum environment analytical equipment

Sublimate equipment for

Advanced engineering findings and applied research in engineering and surface modification

Informational systems and software for modeling, analysis and engineering vacuum equipment

Vacuum technologies and equipment in composite physical experiment

Vacuum equipment and technologies in medicine

Vacuum equipment and technologies in chemistry, petroleum chemistry and chemical mechanical engineering

Vacuum equipment and technologies in electric engineering


April 18 - 20, 2012,Ekaterinburg, KOSK "Russia"


CEMMS.URAL is a unique specialised exhibition in Ural region representing the latest construction machinery, equipment and services.

Ekaterinburg is widely known as an important strategic centre of Russia.

The biggest industrial enterprises are concentrated there.

The region’s economy is forging ahead demonstrating the steady growth.

New industrial facilities, residential and administrative buildings appear in the city.

The first Urals skyscraper, Ekaterinburg-City business centre, the unique “Akademichesky” district, Koltsovo airport are just some of the latest construction projects.

It is worth mentioning that Ekaterinburg is a leader in high-rise construction: the city possesses the third place in the number of high-rise buildings after Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the next coming Novosibirsk, that occupies the fourth place, has lagged behind at 2.5 times.

For the last few years Ekaterinburg occupies the leading positions in the prestigious RBK rating of “The best cities for doing business in Russia”.

All these factors positively contribute to the demand growth of the construction machinery, equipment and services. For the last 12 years CEMMS.

Ural exhibition serves as a place where the heads and specialists of building companies traditionally come to see the latest equipment and machinery of the leading manufacturers from Russia and abroad, to conclude multi-million supply contracts, to discuss current problems, to meet governmental officials and specialists of related industries.

CEMMS.Ural 2012 is:

• the largest exhibition project in the building machinery in the Ural region;

• unique demonstration of machinery’s technical qualities;

• maintenance of the existing and setting new business contacts;

• brand promotion in the Ural region and market research;

• meeting place for branch specialists, sound business programme;

• promotion of new building machinery and equipment in the Ural region.


May 15-18 Krasnoyarsk


Unites the following events:

Construction and finishing materials – an exhibition of building and finishing materials, technologies and equipment for their production. Windows and Doors – an exhibition of windows, doors, equipment and components for their production.

Interior – an exhibition of home furniture and interior designs.

Cottage – an exhibition of cottage and living space designs,timber-housing, roof covering and insulating materials, systems of heat, gas and water supply etc.

City, House and Public Utilities. Ecology – a specialized exhibition of town infrastructure, public utility technologies and equipment.


International forum “Marine Industry of Russia”

Moscow, “Gostiny Dvor” Exhibition Hall, May 16-18, 2012


The Forum is dedicated to matters of shipbuilding, upgrading of ports, development of navigation, introduction of innovative techniques in the field of marine machinery and building civil ship.

Major sections of the Forum:

Shipbuilding and ship repair:sea- and ocean-going carriers, inland waterways crafts and mixed river-sea-going ships, fishing vessels, icebreaker ships, ocean engineering equipment, hulls and their structural components, shipbuilding and ship repair machinery, shipbuilding materials and components, shipbuilding technologies, ship repair and special-purpose works, design and engineering, research activities, inquires and examinations;

Ship power plants, systems and electrical facilities:ship power plants, ship engines and propulsion systems, ship electrical facilities, propulsion systems and components;

Ship navigation, control and communication system: ship automatic machinery and management systems, navigation systems, communication equipment, optical devices;

Shipboard machinery and facilities: general purpose shipboard equipment: bilge, sanitary, ballast, fire-fighting etc.; deck equipment and facilities, cargo lifting and handling equipment; Equipment for oil and gas production and development of ocean and shelf resources;

Sea and river ports: port installations, port facilities and equipment;

Waterways and hydraulic structures building pontoon bridges, ferry crossing, dams and dam lakes, hydraulic structures repair, berths, piers and breakwaters

Industrial services: freight, agency services, navigations charts, leasing, sea and river transportation services, services for shipping industry, water resources conservation, human resource development and recruitment, registration, classification and surveillance activities, surveyor services, insurance, law and financial services.


8th Moscow International Forum "Precision measurements - the basis of quality and safety"

May 23 – 25, 2012, Russian Federation, Moscow,All-Russian Exhibition Center



The 8th International Competitive Exhibition of measuring tools, testing and laboratory equipment «MetrolExpo-2012».

The specialized exhibition of tools securing trouble-free operation of hazardous industrial facilities «PromSafety-2012».

The specialized exhibition of commercial and technological energy resources metering «ResMetering-2012».

The 2nd specialized exhibition of measuring tools for medical devices and means of their calibration, control and testing «MedTest-2012».

The 4th Moscow International Symposium «PRECISION. QUALITY. SAFETY».

All-Russian Competitive Exhibition Program «FOR UNIFORMITY OF MEASUREMENTS».

The forum is a unique exhibition event gathering at one site major manufactures and consumers of measuring tools, testing and laboratory equipment, for the purpose of establishing direct commercial contacts.

The Symposium “Precision. Quality. Safety” is held at the same site with the exhibition for the purpose of discussing solutions of main issues in the field of metrological support for industrial branches and promotion of the latest B2B technologies.

The main objective of the forum is to evaluate condition of measuring technologies of the Russian industry and to determine the development vector for implementation of the state policy directed at modernization of the Russian economy in the field of defense, space, telecommunication, computer, nuclear and medical technologies, enhanced energy efficiency and resource saving.

General Information Number of participating organizations:

280-300 Number of countries:

12-14 National expositions:

4-5 Group stands: 3-4 Total exhibition area: 6500 m2

Number of visitors: over 7500

Number of reports:

over 100 Symposium attendees: 1200-1500

Rosupack-2012: 17th International specialized exhibition of packaging industry

18-22 June, Moscow


"Rosupack" is the largest scale exhibition for the packaging industry not only in Russia, but throughout Eastern Europe as well.

The exhibition represents all segments of the industry: packaging machinery and technology, food and processing equipment, equipment for package manufacture and design, packaging materials, packaging and finished packages for all industries.

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